Ramadan feast at Mohammad Ali road - Mumbai

With just a few days left for the holy month of ramzan to end , we decided to head over to the very famous Mohammad Ali road known for its delicious authentic cuisine . Having heard from a lot of friends that it's the best time to visit we finally decided to sum up the courage as they say it's not for the faint hearted and rightly it's not , the crowd can be intimidating but that shouldn't hinder u from the yum food in the lane of Minara Masjid , with stalls on either sides at a stretch of 1/2 km you are in for a real treat .

The best time to be here is from 7.30 pm onwards till 10 and post 1 am till 3 am . We were lucky enough to avoid crowd when we reached there by 9.00 pm . And easily got a table at Chinese grill which offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

Now don't be fooled by the name of the restaurant Chinese grill .. so here's what all is available or rather what we ordered for .

Chicken Tikka Masaka.

These succulent pieces of meat marinated well and cooked over a charcoal grill is a great starter.

We then ordered mutton chops -

The dish was rich in flavour and couldn't be resisted , it is a semi dry dish and goes well with roomali roti . With 4 tender pieces of chops served you will def be contented.

Our last dish ordered here was Brain Masala (bheja masala) with roomali roti .

There was a right balance of texture in the meat and the combination of the spices that made it just melt in your mouth.

The other dishes were nulli nihari, sheeekh kebabs and yes

Chinese too.

Our bill here was Rs. 1130.

We then headed over to end our meal with their sweet treats .

Our first stop was behrampur jalebi centre for their famous mawa jalebi , although it appears burnt, but one bite into the hot jalebi will make u drool. Price - Rs 65 for 1/4 kg.

Our next stop was the modern sweet shop for some rabri and malpua with malai. Price for the rabri Rs .60 and the small malpua with malai Rs. 90 . You also get a double malpua priced at Rs. 120

You can also try the masala milk at Rs 40 and the various flavoured phirni at various stalls.

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