Sri Lanka - The land of Food, Music and Serenity.

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka had been on my mind for the last 2 years, and participating in the ASIAN PACIFIC CHOIR GAMES(APCG) 2017, with THE SALVATION SINGERS from Mumbai (INDIA) held right here in this beautiful country, finally put my travel plans to this place into action.

This was a great chance for me as an artist/performer, to participate on an international platform, learn and mingle with people/choirs from around the world, exchange their culture through their music and ofcourse to visit this serene country and soak into the vibrancy of this country through their culture, food, seascapes, landscapes, heritage structures, and most importantly their love for MUSIC.

Having participated in the APCG our 1st 4 days in Colombo (Sri Lanka) were rehearsals, show days and workshops, so less time to explore Colombo,but we def had some great food, danced to some local Sri lankan music at Tap rest room and bar located in the old dutch hospital and visited a few sights.

Visiting the old dutch hospital which was just a few minutes walk from our hotel City beds - The regent colombo

the history behind this place could be felt through their architecture, although it is now a hub for various fine dining restaurants, resto pubs, souvenir shops, gems to shop for and a good place to hangout at.

The Gangaramaya temple about 10 min away from the dutch hospital by tuk tuk cost us 200 LKR after bargaining with the local drivers.

Gangaramaya temple being one of the most famous temples in Colombo, has a library, a chamber for the monks, architecture showing buddhists culture , also a part of the temple is situated a minute walk away on the Beira lake. Entry to visit the temple in 300 LKR.

Colombo's nightlife buzzes with live bands and karaoke in pubs and lounges and clubs that are open till morning.

one such club is the Love club in Colombo with a very vintage decor,a terrace area and a balcony sit out area.

Our next stop was MIRISSA

Colombo to Mirissa was a lovely drive of 2 & 1/2 hrs, on reaching our hotel Aadana, we were taken to see our rooms and indeed we were in awe. And heres why.

After a lovely afternoon lunch at Zephyrs we had a nap and hit off straight into the beach which is a stones throw away from the hotel.

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Day 2 in Mirissa, we drove to an isolated beach in Tangalle which is an hours drive but definitely worth it. Would suggest to leave as soon as possible in the morn so that you can make the most of it at this awesome beach. You can enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters and have the most delicious lunch at Moon River View restaurant.

The second night in Mirissa we headed for a beach party opp our hotel which was on till 3 am. In Mirissa each shack hosts a party on different days so that the tourits can be all be under one roof and party hard.

Day 3 - We left for Bentota, enroute we stopped at Galle. We explored this quaint town for almost 4 hours. There are numerous gem stores, souvenir stores and restaurants.

The walk in the bylanes is a treat in itself with lovely artwork on the walls and doors of shops and houses.

The crystal clear waters surrounding the periphery of the fort is just amazing.

We reahed our hotel Rockery Villa at Bentota at 7pm , the check in time was very flexible although we informed them that we would check in late and have an early checkout. The room was with a view of the pool. The rooms were great.

The restaurant food was not the best but since we were exhautsed and couldnt hunt for a good restaurant we went ahead with dinner at the hotel itself.

2nd day in Bentota we visited a turtle hatchery, the entry was approx 300 LKR. lunch at Mali's and cocktails at Taj Bentota before we headed back to the pool for a swim then headed back to Colombo for our dinner reservation at Ministry of Crabs.

For more updates on the best Restaurants and food in Sri Lanka do follow and visit

which will follow after this blog post.

Till then if you have any insights on Sri Lanka please feel free to share and comment below.

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