These young entrepreneurs are definitely making a mark on the hearts and palates of the people not only in Bandra but all over. They surely made a mark on mine through their creativity, food and helping my way to fitness during the Lock-down 2020, as we all battle to stay sane in these trying times of the pandemic - COVID 19.

Here's a take on these young talented, energetic souls who are making it big through their passion and have long term goals of either spreading their work globally or opening a cake studio or learning more creative techniques to their already existing talents.


This talented musician cum chef - James Miranda, is back in action during the pandemic, catering to those cravings that I've definitely missed. Jammie (fondly known by most) started his little empire in 2016 after retiring as a CDP (Chef de Partie) at Sofitel Hotel, and focused on his passion of both music and food.

JAZZY JIM'S COOKHOUSE has an amazingly curated multi cuisine menu. His signature dish during this lock-down and his hot selling dish is the 6 hour brine cured roast chicken with a selection of various crusts. From curating a wide range of breakfast menus in the past, to some lip smacking food, James is all set to come up with a menu filled with exotic surprises in the days to come. Not to forget the succulent " Cookhouse Tenderloin Supreme Burger "is my new favorite.

When he isn't cooking up a feast James is playing the trumpet or the keyboard as he tells me he cant do without his music and cooking.

So do follow this young chef cum musician on and make sure you get your share of some wholesome goodness with delivery in (Bandra/Khar west only)

Call/WhatsApp:- +918779383510/ +919833320740.


Marion Fernandes who comes from a family that loves food and expresses themselves through food, is a mom-taught/self-taught baker. While baking began as a hobby it transformed into a passion that has allowed her to create and explore new opportunities.

She started in Jan 2018 with no marketing/advertising plan, with just a dream in her head, her first client was her best friend ( after all what are best friends for right?? )

She specializes in a wide array of cakes, my personal favorite is the rum dark choc cake. Trust me guys its the best alcohol based cake that I've ever had, every bite is a sinful delight!!

However when the lock-down began, safety/hygiene, availability of ingredients and increasing costs, were her major concerns that led to a 3 months break, but now shes back with a bang, and although there are no celebrations or parties, customers still want a little sweet treat, so she has introduced BitterSweet's Mini Cake Tubs! and has a specially curated dessert box planned for this month...... Sounds exciting right???

So pick up at the phone and Call/WhatsApp Marion Fernandes now on +919833325390.

and follow her on


"Do what you love, love what you do, even when it comes to your workout." - Is the sole Mantra of this highly energetic fitness instructor of mine, Daniella Gomes.

Get Fit With Daniella specializes in Pilates, Zumba, Functional Training & Pilates Suspension Method.

Even the lock-down cant keep this energetic, bubbly, youngest fitness instructor that I've ever had calm, and she's always keeping her students active through her various challenges and activities through her insta live classes.

These classes are fun, creative and super effective. Trust me you will never be bored!!

In my own personal experience, the insta live classes during the lock-down have really helped me keep myself active, toned my body, and also not forgetting a drastic change in stamina and strength (from a 30 sec plank I can now do a 1.30 sec plank). Even not seeing her in person she can still be very very encouraging and persuasive to bring out the best in you!!

So Yes you can still be a part of Daniella's monsoon offer, why u ask??? because these classes are on her insta feed for 24 hours and you have the liberty to do it when you wish to. Also who doesn't like huge discounted rates right?? She also has Zumba classes on google hangouts, on Mon - Wed - Fri at 9.15 am as well as you can download the app DFITZY ( A dome initiative). For more details you can contact her on +919619419697 and follow her on

4. Flower.Catcher :

As the name suggests, this sister duo Magdeline & Candida Noronha, is putting their creativity to best use during this pandemic while working from home in creating flower handicrafts ( stocking and organdy material) - including wedding/party decor & some amazing colorful Dream-catchers which u can give as gifts, decor or giveaways.

Do DM them on to get the best deals at affordable rates.

As the saying goes "You don't just support a small business, You support a dream"

So do contact them now and I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all. And when you do so you can always mention you got to know about these talented young minds through this blog.

Enjoy and stay safe !!

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